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  • ServerJolt.Net Review

    ServerJolt.Net Review

    If you like the ‘Back to the Future’ movie and the scene when the lightning strikes the clock tower, then you will probably be interested in this web hosting provider which provides “hosting with a kick”- ServerJolt. The company headquartered [...]

  • Gandamedia.Com Review

    Gandamedia.Com Review

    If you are looking for an unorthodox company, Ganda Media is definitely one of those. They primarily specialize in graphic design, online marketing, website design and providing editorial and personalized corporate images, but in order to guide customers from start [...]

  • Softlayer.Com Review

    Softlayer.Com Review

    What will happen if you merge The Planet and Everyone’s Internet? We’ll tell you what – Softlayer.Com! When the two Houston-based companies merged in May 2006 (and with SoftLayer in November 2010), the resulting company consolidated the customer base under [...]

  • Uk2.Net Review

    Uk2.Net Review

    Hosting speed is essential – even if you are hosting only a blog, you probably want your blog to be read, and not abandoned because it takes too long to load. Uk2.Net had a smart idea to metaphorically compare their [...]

  • FazeWire.Com Review

    FazeWire.Com Review

    Being the headquarters of top notch companies (such as Amazon and Microsoft), Seattle is the Mecca of IT industry and research. Founded in 2005, FazeWire Web Services, LLC is also based in this city, as well as the company which [...]

  • Register.Com Review

    Register.Com Review

    Sometimes, the name of the website is self-explanatory (which is definitely better than some obscure domain names which don’t make any sense). Take Register.Com – it is clear that the company sells domain names. But this is not the only [...]

  • Pickaweb.Co.Uk Review

    Pickaweb.Co.Uk Review

    If most of your traffic comes from the UK, UK web hosting is something you should think about. Fortunately, there is no lack of UK web hosts – take Pickaweb, for example. This host has been in business since 2000 [...]

  • SectorHosting.Com Review

    SectorHosting.Com Review

    We have talked about American, British, Indian and even Lithuanian web hosting companies, but we never mentioned an important part of the world – Latin America. Sector Hosting covers this area – it is based in Argentina, the second largest [...]

  • Host1plus.Com Review

    Host1plus.Com Review

    London is a city of great cultural and historical significance and also a city where Host1Plus is based. Though based in London, United Kingdom, some operations are conducted from Frankfurt, Germany, Kaunas, Lithuania and some data centers in : the [...]

  • Review Review

    Most web hosting providers are focused on English-speaking countries and customers. But what if you speak a different language than English, say, French? It turns out that there is a web hosting provider with the initial focus on French-speaking areas [...]

  • OurInternet.Us Review

    OurInternet.Us Review

    Most family companies are undergoverned – they often lack directors with an independent point of view whose experience and expertise can help the company significantly with key strategies. But, on the other hand, family companies are more willing to sacrifice [...]

  • InfinitelyVirtual.Com Review

    InfinitelyVirtual.Com Review

    VPS hosting and Cloud servers are becoming more and more popular and not without a reason – they are a combination between dedicated and shared hosting solutions which offer all benefits of dedicated servers but at much lower price. So [...]