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Statistically speaking, German-based 1&1 Internet is one of the world’s largest web hosting companies, hosting the seventh-largest number of sites in the United States and more websites than any other webhosting providers in the United Kingdom or Germany. But we all know that statistics can be deceiving, so we’ll try to uncover the truth behind the numbers.

1&1 Features

1and1 provides cheap web hosting with a decent amount of bandwidth for the money – $3,49 a month. However, when you sign up for an account with 1and1, you have to pay six months, strictly in advance. Sure, it’s just about 20 bucks, but you should know that nevertheless.

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The control panel is quite comfortable to use, with many tools available (though it can be a tad slow). They support both Windows and Linux, and offer virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and Cloud servers too. If you want to make hardware upgrades at run-time, then Cloud servers would be the obvious choice as only they have this feature. The dedicated servers don’t enjoy this feature, but make up for this with their low price.

As of 2012, 1&1 also offers free private domain registration.

1and1Customer Service

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1and1.com have one major shortcoming – their customer service people are not an over customer-friendly bunch. They can take their time to answer your e-mails or resolve your issues by phone.

They also have an odd habit of automatically billing you for another year of service without sending any kind of notification. And if you want to cancel your membership, you will have to fill out about five e-mail steps.

Also, be careful to read fine-print terms and conditions in the Terms of Service, because you might sign up for more than you bargained for.


Reliability is not an issue for 1and1 – you will get your sites working 99.4% of the time, guaranteed.


If you expect quality customer service from 1and1 – don’t. But if you are a beginner and are looking for cheap service and unlimited traffic, 1and1 might be a viable option. Also, if you are an environmentalist, you might want to know that 1&1 have been trying to offset their energy consumption by using renewable energy.



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