All about wireless energy:

We humans need a lot of power each day and mainly electric power to make our day to day life easier and efficient. There are so many electrical appliances around us most of them get power from a very complex net of distributed electric energy through wires.

There are very few appliances that do not need to be plugged in to wall sockets to operate, and almost every such appliance uses battery
power to operate.

Now, both wire distributed power and battery power are not so reliable and disgusting.
A lot of wires need to be distributed through out a country and house to get wire distributed power. These wires are very expensive and also it is so much disgusting to
see a lot of wires where ever you go wither in office , home , below the desk , at the ceiling or at the road everywhere there are wires!
Battery power is also no better than wire distributed power. Batteries are very less efficient they eat up a lot of energy to get charged and give out only a fraction of that energy. Also, tons and tons of batteries disposed each day pollute our environment very badly.
A solution to these problems can be “Wireless Energy” All though we might feel this word very new its very common phenomenon in nature. Wireless energy is all around us. Light, Heat, Electricity(for example: During lightning) and etc. all travels without wires.
So now the problem is to make efficient and working module of wireless energy transmitter and wireless energy receiver.

We can transmit and receive energy by two methods mainly (although there might be 100s of other methods but not much efficient enough.) one by radiation method and another by magnetic method.

In radiation method we can build a microwave transmitter which transmit microwave as a focused beam as in LASER light and we can catch that energy at the other end either by placing a photo-voltaic module (solar cells) or by making a thermal module which makes heat from microwave. This technology might be very helpful to make efficient solar energy producing module. We can put up solar cells in the space where it will get the light energy it doesn’t gets on earth (due to absorption and reflection of light waves by atmosphere) and produce much more energy than it does in earth , We can then transmit the energy it produces in microwave form and catch it in earth.


Magnetic wireless transmission method is easier, cheaper and safer than radiation method. As most of us know in Transformers there are two coils kept very near to each other where one coil changes the electric energy to magnetic lines of force and another one converts it back to electric energy. In transformers we use this technology to increase or decrease voltage of electric energy. But we can use same technology to make wireless energy transmitter and receiver. We can make the transmitter coil bigger and make the receiver coil mobile so that it can be taken here and there and we can attach it to any electric appliance. Magnetic wireless energy transmission is cheaper, easier and most important not harmful to human as it used resonant phenomenon and not radiation.

There is a great future of wireless energy ahead. In future it will make our life easier and more comfortable.

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