Ni-Cd , Ni-HM and other rechargeable batteries are in massive use now a days.

Let me not describe the use , importance and bla bla of the rechargeable batteries.

What we are going to talk about here is how to make simple battery charger circuit to recharge your rechargeable batteries.

Making a battery charger circuit is very simple , Simply step down the mains voltage using a step down transformer and convert the current into DC and stabilize it using a bridge rectifier circuit.

But you might not want to use a transformer in your circuit to maker your battery charger circuit small and handy.

If you don’t want to use a a transformer to step down the mains voltage then you can also use a resistor and a capacitor to step down the voltage and stabilize it.

And you can see the circuit diagram of a battery charger below which is not using any transformer.

Battery charger circuit diagram:

So here is a simple battery charger circuit diagram:

Click on the image to enlarge it:

Battery charger circuit diagram

Battery charger circuit diagram

You can see the values of the components used below:

R1: 56 giga ohms resistor

R2: 220 Mega ohms resistor

C1: 105 Kilo pico farad , 250 voltage capacitor

D1: IN 4007 Diode

D2: Light emitting diode indicator

D3 : IN 4007 Diode

If you use the values of the components stated above the circuit can recharge a 3 voltage rechargeable battery , You can change the value of R1 and C1 to get recharge battery of more voltage.

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