Beginner’s Guide to Playing Online Poker

A few dozen years ago, nobody would have thought that playing poker online was possible. But with the development of the Internet, the game of poker has dramatically changed. Right now, over two million people play on more than 300 online poker sites every day, making a living for themselves and their families. Here are a few tips for beginners in the world of Internet poker.

Start by Playing Internet Play-Money Poker Games

Playing internet play-money poker games is a good opportunity to check whether real-money games are for you and improve your technique. This way, if you lose and decide that online poker is not your cup of tea, your finances won’t suffer.

Choose Secure Online Poker Site

If you decide to play online poker for real money after all, you will need to choose a secure gaming site. The four largest sites with a good history are PokerParty, Paradise Poker, PokerStars or UltimateBet, so your money will probably safe if you play on these sites.

Observe Your Opponents

Winning online poker players are not only good players, but also good psychology experts. Study your potential opponents in action to learn their tells and betting habits and get a better understanding of the game. Beware when the opponents call too quickly or check without a moment’s delay (it might indicate that they have a weak hand) or instantly bet or raise (this is usually a sign of a strong hand).

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Be Patient

Becoming a World Poker Tour player overnight is possible only in cheesy movies, so watch and learn first and be patient. It takes a lot of practice and time to become a successful poker player.

Focus on the Game

Sure, if you play poker in a real-world casino poker room, you automatically concentrate on the game. But when you play online poker, many things around you can become a distraction. Try to get rid of all distractions. You can leave only music – as long as it does not make you doze off.

Avoid Multi-Table Games

When you are a beginner, playing multi-table games is too much of a task though it will potentially bring more money. Start with one-table games and proceed to playing multi-table games as your experience and skills improve.

Don’t Use Your Retirement Money to Fund Your Bankroll

And, finally, don’t use your retirement money to fund your bankroll. For each of your bets, you should have at least a thousand times more saved up in your account. And if you are losing at a table, do not hesitate to leave because, otherwise, you will end up losing even more.


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