Do you reside outside USA and Canada but you have to call to toll free numbers of the company you work with like hosting company , international investment company in USA or Canada? Normally calling to toll free numbers of USA and Canada from outside is not possible.
But here is a way for you to call to USA and Canada toll free numbers from anywhere in the world for free.

You can use free call feature of yahoo to make such calls.

Even though yahoo charges you to call to phone numbers it doesn’t charge you to make calls to toll free numbers from USA and Canada.

So here is how to make a free call from yahoo to toll free number:

First of all login to your yahoo messenger with latest version of yahoo messenger.

And there will be a box at almost top of messenger window from where you can search your friends.
Type the toll free number in the box in format 1800******* as shown in the following figure. (USA / Canada toll free numbers have format of 800*******)

Now a small new window will pop up which will establish a call between you and the number you are calling as shown in the following figure.

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