Do you want to change the default browser in your computer? In windows operating system Internet Explorer is the default browser by default. Here is a simple way for you to change your default web browser from any browser to any browser.

Default browser is the default web browser in your computer which is used to open any link shortcut or link from any application (like while checking mail from your yahoo messenger.)
Changing the default browser of your computer might have many profits for you.

Follow the following trick to change your default browser:

You can download a simple computer program and use the software to change your default browser from any browser to any browser. (Download link for the software is given at bottom of this post)

This is simple software you even do not need to install it, it just runs without any installations just download it and run it, and it will work.

To change your default browser just run this software and a window similar to one shown below will open now tick mark the browser you want to set as default and click apply and you are done , as simple as that!

And as there are many web browsers in market this software haven’t listed all of them in the list you see if you want to set browser other than given in the list as default then you can just specify the path to the web browser in the box at bottom of the window and click apply.

You can download this software from this link:

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