[Circuit Diagram] Simple Digital AM transmitter.

Simple Digital AM transmitter:

Here is a very simple AM transmitter, anything spoken in front of the mic. Can be listened Medium Wave radio receiver within the range of few meters.

This circuit is very as it contains only One IC , Two Resisters , Two capacitors and a Mic. And can be built by any new electronics hobbyist with expense of just a few dollars.

This circuit contains a Timer IC 555 and a few Resistance, Capacitors, A mic. And an antenna.

This circuit can transmit AM radio wave in MW frequency of around 600 Kilo hertz.

The circuit uses a power of 9 voltage and around 100 mili amperes. You can use a 9v battery for the power supply.

The Timer IC 555 is used a free running multi vibrator which have been adjusted in frequency of 540 Kilo hertz.

The sound signal is inputted to pin number 5 of IC from the condenser mic. And The IC converts the signal to a Amplitude modulated frequency and outputs from pin number 3 from which an Antenna of length of around 2-3 meters converts the frequency to radio waves which can be received by any Medium Wave radio receiver by tuning it to around 600 Kilo Hertz from a distance of up to 25-30 meters.

You can also make the transmission frequency of this circuit variable by using a Preset Resistor instead of R2 and a Gang condenser instead of C1.

Parts list:

Resistance:                         Value:

R1                                         380 ohms.

R2                                          1 Kilo ohms.

Condensers:                        Value

C1                                         0.001 Micro farad

C2                                         1000 micro farad /   25 volt.


IC1                                        Timer IC 555


Condenser Mic.

An antenna or wire of length around 2-3 meters   , printed circuit board, 9v battery Etc.

Circuit Diagram:

Click on the image to enlarge it.

simple digital Am transmitter circuit diagram.

simple digital Am transmitter circuit diagram.

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