Download free textbooks and e-books.

Textbooks are essential for one’s study and knowledge.

The history of textbooks dates back to ancient Greek , and in the modern era it’s been essential for a student to buy expensive books and papers.

A June 2007 Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance (ACSFA) report , reported that the average U.S. student spends $700–$1000 per year on textbooks.

Now that’s a lot a lot of money more than the average yearly earning of peoples of many countries.

You can see a normal US student spends a lot in textbooks!

Buying books can be very expensive but thanks to the Technology and on-line world , Now you can download Textbooks and e-books for free.

I have shared with you here a list of websites which provides Free e-books and Textbooks to you , I hope it will help you.

[UPDATE from Jan 01, 2012]

READ all the books you want. FREE, Unlimited downloads of fiction & non-fiction titles.



Search Free textbooks and ebooks:

If you want to search for ebooks and textbooks directly without visiting following websites then you can use this search to search only books and online library. The search is powered b google and searches only websites providing free ebooks and textbooks:

1> Free online Course materials , Books and Videos:

free textbooks ebooks

MIT open course ware is the site from where you can download free web-based publications, free ebooks , lecture notes and even lecture videos.No registration is required and you can download ebooks , textbooks , publications and all other study materials right now. Especially the Lecture videos in the site is great and helps you if you have problem understanding textbooks yourself. You can download study materials and books related to Engineering , science , history , mathematics , education, social science and almost every field of study.

2>Download free textbooks online from bookboon.

free textbooks ebooks.

BookBoon is the online publisher of textbooks which provides online textbooks for students in PDF format which can be downloaded for free without registration. The site is owned and run by a danish company Ventus Publishing Aps.

You can download books related to Accounting , Mathematics , Chemistry , Biology , Engineering , medical science , Business and many other fields from BookBoon. Bookboon is supported by ads in the books and the books you download will contain advertisements in it.

3> Download free education resources.

free textbooks ebooks.

From the website of Curriki you can download free high quality educational resources and textbooks for Teachers, students and parents. curriki provides Books related to language arts , science , mathematics and social studies.

You can also get involved in curriki by writing your own books and contributing it to the community.

4> Download free open-content textbooks and ebooks.

You can download free ebooks from the website of wikibooks wikibooks provides books in various categories ranging from Cooking recipe to Psychology , Mathematics and Physics.

The biggest benefit of wikibooks over other similar sites is that the books are open-content or you can also edit the books there to make correction for other users and books are available in a varieties of languages.

5> Download free textbooks.

free textbooks ebooks.

CK-12 is the site from where you can download free textbooks for free , No registration is required. ck-12 is a non profit organization with the mission to reduce the textbook cost both in US and worldwide markets.

ck-12 provided free ebook from it’s site related to science , mathematics , technology and engineering. You can also submit your own book to ck-12 for on-line publishing.

6> Download free highschool science textbooks.

free textbooks ebooks.

You can download free high school or class 10 , 11 , 12 text books from fhsst . You can download mathematics and physics and chemistry (physical science) textbooks from the site. The textbooks have been designed for south African students but no matter where in the world you can download free physics, chemistry and mathematics textbooks for high school from the site.

7> Download free digital textbooks.

free textbooks ebooks.

CLRN provides a small list of free digital textbooks which you can download online for free.You can also find those books from the other links in this article.

8> A collection Free textbooks.

free textbooks ebooks.

OpenCulture contains a list or bookmark of free 150 free textbooks or open textbooks. The books are related to history , science , technology , business , management etc. You can also find those books from other links given in this article.

9> Free ebooks by project Gutenberg.

free textbooks ebooks.

Project Gutenberg is an online project to digitize and distribute ebooks for free. project gutenberg contains more than 3300 free ebooks which can be downloaded f or free. You can choose the format of bbok you want to download between epub , Kindle , HTML and simple text format. Ebooks from the site can also be read by portable devices.

10> Download free books from Google Scholars.

free textbooks ebooks.

Using Google Scholars you can search for free books , theses and research papers online. Google scholars is in beta state but you can still use it. Most of the books you find there will be just a small portion of actual book or just research and theses papers. So the site is specially good for research purpose.

11> Download free medical ebooks and textbooks.

free ebooks textbooks.

You can download free Medical literature , research papers , magazines from amedao . Amedo is specially helpful for Medical persons like physicians , nurses , patients , or friends of patients.

12> Download free pdf , rar , zip ebooks.

download free ebooks.

ebook30 contains a large coll action of ebooks , related to many different fields ranging from social studies to technology , computer programming and engineering. ebook30 provides link books in file sharing sites rapidshare and hotfile.

But ebooks30 also contains a lot of copyrighted books which are not free. So by downloading such books you will be doing illegal downloading of books. So I don’t personally recommend you to use this site , But the site contains a lot of ink to ebooks and textbooks.

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    Thank for help give me comments so How can register also download with my phone can anyone help my email account thank:)

  2. subash says:

    @ Crystal Nans

    The websites about which I have written above are made for Desktop especially.
    You can also download free text books and ebooks from your mobile browsers but it will be harder for you to navigate through the sites.