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eSecureData is relatively new to the market (2005), but the history of the founding of the company is quite entertaining. When the eSecureData founder was looking for a new building for his web hosting company, he saw a beautiful and empty skyscraper in British Columbia, Canada – Central City. As it turned out, the building was supposed to become an insurance company’s headquarters, but  new government did not want the insurance company to have it. stepped in and occupied one of the finest buildings in the web hosting industry and never looked back, turning from with a tiny company with just a few racks and about a hundred dedicated servers into a huge data center practically full of dedicated servers.

eSecureData Features

eSecureData’s specialty is dedicated hosting, but the company also offers Cloud servers with unmanaged hosting. Unmanaged dedicated and Cloud hosting means that the customer is left to monitor and administer his/her own server after renting it from the provider. This is what allows eSecureData to keep their prices so low – starting at $59 for IPv4 hosting and unlimited 100 Mbps backbone connections on all their services.

The company also provides domain name registration services.

eSecuredata.com_web_hostingCustomer Service

Perhaps, is not for everyone. Their target audience is people who know what they are doing, and who do not need much assistance with setting up websites and mail. If you need a web hosting provider that is going to hold your hands and show you how do to everything, they are not the best choice, but if you know your way around Windows and Linux and can set up your own websites and software, they are a great value.


Nobody is perfect, but has an overall uptime of 99.94%.

Conclusions is a good and cheap dediczated server provider, and if you know a thing or two about websites and servers, you will remain pleased with their services.

eSecureData hosting

eSecureData hosting reviews

eSecureData reviews


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