Fast and Easy Way to Make Money Online

Hearing about Internet moguls, you might think that you need to be some kind of genius to make on the Internet. However, reality is simpler than that – the direct path to making a fortune online is really not that complicated.

Here is how you can earn money on the Internet it in five simple steps:

1. Go to and see what the most popular searches on Google are.

2. Choose one of them that you are interested in.

3. Study the subject online and gain information about it. Based on the information that you have researched, develop an e-product that will attract people interested in this topic.

4. Set up a simple one-page website and add your product for sale. You can create a basic one-page site for just $11.99 a year at

5. Submit your product listing to Ebay. This way, your e-product and website will get noticed by thousands of potential customers.


This is a well-tried moneymaking method. For instance, when Mel Gibson’s movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’ was a hot topic, a questions and answers book about this movie was created. It contained nothing but pure data about this movie but it was selling well because it fed the huge interest in this movie.

Here is another example – if Angelina Jolie is a top-10 search item, create a website containing quotes by her, her favorite recipes or showing pictures of her. You can also go the other way round and create a website like “Ten Things I Hate about Angelina Jolie”.

Personalize this strategy to create your own unique product and build your own Internet empire.

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