Five Goals Your Site Should Fulfill to Attract Traffic

Though every web site differs in terms of specific goals, there are five basic things that every website should aim at, besides being engine-friendly, easy to navigate and nicely designed.

1. Give information

It might seem overly simple but you would be surprised if you knew how many sites do not follow this simple rule and provide no information at all. Visitors of your web site who can become your customers need to know about products that you carry or services that you provide before spending their hard-earned money on them.

2. Be credible

Once you have ensured that your site provides enough information, you can take care of credibility of your site. All facts should be verifiable and based on accurate data sources, showing that you have a high level of expertise and can be trusted.

You can go further and use customer testimonials to remove any doubt, fear or buying anxiety. Providing a way to get in touch with these customers is also a great way to increase the credibility of your site.

And if you really want your potential customers to think that you are trustworthy, post the pictures of you serving your clients. This will show that that there is a real face behind the site and that you have already had clients.

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3. Create an impression of approachability

It is very important to create an impression of approachability and persuade your customers that you can be contacted at any time.

First of all, provide as many contact details as you can. Mailing address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address – give everything that you can. In fact, if the contacts section on your site is not filled with information yet, do it right now.

4. Provide a benefit for your clients

If you have already supplied your site with comprehensive content and information, it is time to provide a benefit for your clients that would make your site more competitive and single your site out among thousands of similar sites.

It can be anything – from the feature allowing the client to receive an automatic estimation of services or products that you provide – to some exclusive services. The main thing is that this benefit makes your website stand out.

5. Separate yourself from the competition

First of all, you need to check out the sites of your competitors. And then, after an analysis of the competition, put a little something on your site that your competitors do not have yet and that will make your potential customers sink in awed surprise and come back to your site again and again.

Once your site has achieved all these goals, its efficiency will skyrocket and will be worth all the money and time that you invest in it.

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