Four Tips to Keep iPhone and iPad Safe

As you probably know, the brand-new Apple operating system for iPads and iPhones, iOS 4, has been hacked. And though it allows for jailbreaking the iPhone and the iPad with iOS 4 and consequently downloading new applications bringing exciting functionality to these Apple devices, it also exposes them to ill-wishers who know hacking and can steal your phone book, messages or install a keylogger or a bot.

This vulnerability takes advantage of the PDF viewing function. A solution to fix this problem is currently being developed. Reportedly, a plugin that will check whether the PDF file is safe to be displayed or not and warn smartphone users if it is not will be launched soon.  This plugin does not patch the problem in iOS 4 but rather gives iPhone and iPad owners more control.
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Apple said that the breach in security will be fixed soon. And while many people are complaining that Apple takes too much time to do that, there are a few tips that you could follow right now to keep your iPhone and iPad safe:

1. It is crucial not to download any files from suspicious Web sites or open them.

2. Do not follow untrusted links in mail messages, Web pages or newsgroup postings.

3. Ignore email attachments that were sent by people that you do not know or even suspicious-looking emails from your acquaintances. Remember that the email account of your friend might have suffered a hacker attack.

4. And, finally, make sure to apply the Apple patch as soon as the company issues it. Many people do it too late and then regret it when they are attacked by hackers.

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