Free fake identity and credit card for you.

Many times you might need fake name , identity , address and fake credit card to register on websites that are not trust able or to register on website offering special offers and discount.
Here is the way for you to get free fake identity and credit card.

To get fake identity and credit card:

To get that visit any of the following two websites:

Use of fake identity and credit card:

You can use this fake identity and credit card for many purposes. You can use this if you want to register on any website but don’t want to share your identity , or you don’t trust the website and think the website will misuse your identity or if you want to register in any website that is offering special offers and discount but offering that only in some location or countries.

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  1. DebbiePCooper says:

    thanks for nice share.

  2. Siva says:

    is it legal?

  3. subash says:


    yeah, It is legal. There is nothing illegal in the fake identity as that is just a virtual identity.

    But signing up in some websites with fake identity might be illegal or your account might be deleted afterward, according to their terms and conditions.

  4. Siva says:

    Then what about Credit card info ?

  5. subash says:


    The credit card info is also just fake.
    There is no such credit card with the number given in the site.
    The card will be of no use if anyone want to pay someone , it can only be used to verify online accounts which does not includes paypal , alertpay , ebay…. as they withdraw some amount from the card to verify the card.

  6. pctricks says:

    These credit cards can not be used to verify paypal account so this is of no use.