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Recently I have posted an article download free textbooks If you are still not satisfied with the article and your hunger for education is demanding more free library and websites online to study and download books , ebooks and textbooks for free then this article is for you.

I recommend you to study this article: download free textbooks before reading this.

Search free library , books , authors and research papers:

If you are trying to search for books , authors , research papers or any type of papers then you can directly use this search powered by Google to search books without visiting the website I have listed below.

This search only searches websites which provides free books and library.


Here are few free online library which provides you free books , visit them and download free books.

1>Free Library: Science &Mathematics.

free library

Subjects: Science , Physics , Mathematics.

Oscience Contains a collection of articles , text and notes in different subjects of science , Mathematics and Physics.

You can study the articles and text online for free.

2> Free Library: Bean free library.

Free library.

Subjects: Literature

Bean Free Library provides free books on literature like story , novels , plays etc. From bean free library you can either download or study the books online. You can download books in different formats like HTML , EPUB , RTF , Microsoft reader , Sony digital reader etc.

3>Free Library: WikiSource.

free library

Subjects: Arts , Business , Culture , Food , Humanities , Mathematics , Philosophy , Religion , Science , Society

Wikisource is a open source project of wikimedia project. Wikisource is the free library , which is open source that means anyone can download and study books from wikisource but not only that , anyone can even edit delete or add books to the free library of wikisource.

4> Free Library: The Online Books Page.

free library

Subjects: Philosophy, History , Geography, Social Science , Political Science , Medicine , Agriculture, Technology.

The Online Books Page is the division of which provides links to many books and ebooks in free library online. The site contains a categorized database or catalog of links to books and papers listed in other free libraries.

5> Free Library: Virgo.

free library

Virgo is the project of University of Virginia Library it contains more than 700000 online books. You can read books online or download in xml format. The free library contains books , journals and papers from almost every subject.

6> Free Library: lit2go.

free library

Subjects: Literature , Poems , stories.

lit2go is the free library of stories and poems in mp3 format, or lit2go is a free online library of audio books. You can listen or download free mp3 format poems and stories from the site.

7> Free Library: archive text.

free library

subjects: science , mathematics , literature , social studies , politics , geography , economics , educations etc.

Archive text is a large collection or a free library of search-able database of free books and ebooks related to many different topics. archive text contains more than 2500000 texts , books and papers.The Internet Archive Text Archive contains a wide range of fiction, popular books, children’s books, historical texts and academic books.

8> Free Library: Open Library.

free library

Open library is online open free library with more than 20 millions records in it’s catalog. openlibrary is a non-profit project. It contains links to more than 20 millions books and ebooks published till the date.

Open library also contains many ancient books. The mission of openlibrary is to catalog all the books published anytime anywhere in the world.

9> Free Library: Project Gutenberg.

free library

Subjects:Literature , history , children books , Psychology , etc.

Project Gutenberg is one of the largest collection of free electronic books, or eBooks online. Project Gutenberg free library contains more than 33000 books. You can choose to download books in any format you like among HTMl , Epub , Kindle , Plucker or plain text.

10> Free Library: Full Books.

free librarySubjects: Literature , Poems , novels ,

Full Books contains a large collection of English literature , poems , novels , stories and novels. The literature can be read online from the site.

11> Free Library: ClasicReader.

free library

Subjects: Literature , Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry , Short Stories , Drama , Classical

ClassicReader Contains a 3800 titles in Literature which contains Literature , Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry , Short Stories , Drama and Classical.

The literature can be read free from the site.

12> Free Library: Authorama.

free library

Authorama Contains featuring completely free books from a variety of different authors, collected to read online or offline.

The site contains many titles and articles on literature.

13> Free Library: LibriVox.

free library

LibriVox is a free library which provides free audiobooks. You can download books in audio format (mp3 or ogg) from the site. Volunteers in libriVox records books in public domain and publish the audio books in the site. Currently the site contains more than 400 books.

14> Free Library: Classic Bookshelf.

free library

Classic Bookshelf Contains a electronic library of free literature books which are digitized. The site contains Articles and digital form of classical books and authors.

15> Free Library: ChestOfBooks.

free library

Subjects: Animals ,Architecture, Arts ,Business ,Computers,Finance,Cooking,Languages,Religion,Science

ChestOfBooks is a free library of digital books from where you can read books online for free. ChestOfBooks contains books in different categories like Arts, Business , Computer , Science etc. You can study the books for free online from the site.

16> Free Library: PublicLiterature.

free library

Subjects: children, comedy, fiction, news, non-fiction, play, poetry

PublicLiterature Is free library (online) which contains a collection of free literature. You can study the books online or can also download then in pdf or txt format.

17> Free Library: BiblioMania.

free library

BiblioMania is a free library (online) thousands of e-books, poems, articles, short stories and plays , which you can study online for free.

18> Free Library: NSDL.

free library

NSDL is Nation’s online library for education and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. The site contains many books , articles , journals and references for elementary to higher education in Science , Mathematics engineering and technology.

19> Free Library: PLOS.

free library

PlOS stands for Public Library Of Science. It is a non-profit organization of scientists and physicians which works to make medical and scientific literature freely available to public.

The site of PLOS contains many journals , books and research papers on Science and Medicine which you can study for free.

20> Free Library: ICDL.

free library

ICDL stands for International Children’s Digital Library. The site of ICDl contains books and literature for children. The site contains more than 4400 books for children and the site is also available in Spanish and Mongolian languages.

21> Free library: PublicBookShelf .

free library

PublicBookShelf is a free internet library which contains a collection romance novels. You can read romance novels free from the site.

22> Free Library: World Wide School.

free library

Subjects: Literature , Youth , History, Geography, Social Sciences, Sciences & Technology, Philosophy, Religion.

World Wide School is a free library which provides books and texts online in many different subjects. world wide school is a complete library containing everything from poetry and stories to mathematical and science&technology texts.

23> Free Library: Perseus Digital Library.

free library

Perseus Digital Library Project is a project to publish digital contents online which started in 1985. Perseus Digital Library Project many journals , articles and research papers on many different topics and mainly on ancient world. You can download articles and papers from the site in PDF format free.

If you know some more free library , free internet library , free online library then don’t forget to write about that in comment.

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