Free sms API to send and receive sms from your website or application.

NOTE: Don’t forget to visit this page if you want to know what is SMS gateway , SMS API and want to get a list of Free SMS API and Gateway providers:

free sms api free sms gateway

Do you want free sms API to send and receive free sms online or to integrate this feature in your application or website to allow your users to send and receive free sms online?
If yes then we have a solution for you using which you can send and receive sms online for free and also can integrate this to your website or application to make your website or application able to send and receive sms but without any cost to you.
Let me not make this a long story. But I should note that they send a short advertisement in your sms from which they earn.

We use Clickatell

It is not free but really cheap and reliable

Here is link to the website that is offering you free sms API.

So this two website are allowing you to integrate their system into your own application or website with API.
And using the API you can make your website or application to send and receive sms online , and all that for free.

You have to pay absolutely nothing to the API company.
Then you might think whats the benefit for the company? well the catch is that they also send a short advertisement in your sms from which they earn.
And they also does not allow to send unlimited sms there is a limit (100 sms / day) and to uplift this limit you should buy their paid plan so basically they earn from big and rich peoples and allows normal users to use their APi for free.


What is sms API? what can Integrate this to my website or application?

API is the aggregated form of “application programming interface” it is is an interface implemented
by a software program which enables it to interact with other software.
So that means you can make your own website or software and communicate it with the server of free sms API provider with some PHP or similar code and you will be able to send and receive sms from and to your application or website.

After registration, the free sms API provider will provide you with a unique API code which you will be using in your API program to make your application work.
For more info on how to make your API program you can see the respective website they have a “Documentation” section in their website where you can find tutorials and help on making your own API program.
So , you might have easily understood the process of sending the sms from the API but
what about receiving sms?

The provider will also ask for your unique code while registration where you should input your company or your name. and they will also provide you a national or international phone number and if some one sends a sms in the number in the format:
[your code /company name/your name] [the sms message]

Then the server of the API provider will forward the sms to your web server by calling a page in your website or by calling a webpage in your website in following or similar to following format:
So you also need to make a program or web page to receive that information or if you don’t want to receive sms then you can just ignore this part and just make your website or application able to send sms.

If you want more info or don’t understand anything then you can leave a comment for me.

We use Clickatell

It is not free but really cheap and reliable

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  1. Durgaprasad says:

    I want to know about the full information about free sms websites.Where they are buying those sms’s.Can i do Like that.I am owning a website.can i integrate those things without/with SMS API’s.(Free or Paid).

    If possible i need your help in further doing these things…


  2. Dragan says:

    I’m intersted in functionality of free sms api and i want to know about all information about free sms websites.

  3. simon says:

    Nice info..I bookmarks ur site

  4. subash says:

    @ Durgaprased

    Such free sms API and Gateway providers buy SMS feature from either their local telecom provider or they directly connect their infrastructure with GSM network after gaining licenses.

    Direct linking to network requires more investment and a lot of paper works.
    You can also use a simple software and use your normal GSM phone to send and receive sms , You can contact your telecoms provider to get discounted rate for sms.

    I will soon be posting about how to use your mobile phone as a gateway and send and receive sms to your computer or through internet.

  5. Facebook says:

    is there no free API company that give it free without including any ad within it?

  6. abhinao says:

    great work on the info about the api. it would be of great help if you can tell me some more about receiving sms back to my app from the recipients of my sms service.

  7. jeevan poudel says:

    i have one question how can we integrated from NEPAL

  8. The Satman says: : Please provide a valid Indian Mobile number ??? : To send SMS messages to your users, they first need to subscribe ???

    Nice try ;o)