It is very annoying to download torrents. Sometimes torrent application gets blocked by firewall , Sometimes seeders are very few so you don’t get enough download speed or some time there are no seeders at all for torrent and you can’t download your file.
But now there is a solution for you. Now you can get direct download link of torrent files and download torrent files from your web browser without any torrent application at maximum speed.

So what you get by downloading the torrent files directly?

> You Get maximum download speed.
> You don’t need to upload anything.
> You should not worry about getting blocked by firewall or seeders.
> You can download torrent files instantly no need of waiting.

To download the torrent files directly from your browser without any torrent application you can go to this website:

Looks like this link is down now i will update it with new links if I find

Till then you can view this premium direct torrent downloading site:

All you have to do to download torrent files is go to the website and input the “Hash ID” of the torrent file you want to download in the search box given in the website and you will be given direct download link for the torrent file.(You can get the hash id of torrent file from the website which allows you to download torrents)
Please note: Currently direct download links for only few popular torrent are available in the website.

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