get ubuntu desktop / ubuntu server / kubuntu posted to your address via. mail for free.

Today morning , I got a mail. There was two ubuntu cds inside the parcel Ubuntu server edition and Ubuntu desktop edition.
I was surprised! Then i renumbered about a site where i had signed up few days earlier from where we can get Linux ubuntu
installation cd posted to our home for free.

You can also get Ubuntu and Kubuntu posted to your home for free
Continue reading to find how.

So the site from where you can get your own Ubuntu Desktop edition , Ubuntu Server edition posted to you for free is :

and the site from where you can get your own KUbuntu posted to you for free is:

The ubuntu and kubuntu shipit site are the official site of ubuntu , kubuntu from where you can request CDs to be posted to you.

And you don’t have to pay even a single penny.

So all you have to do is visit the respective site and either register or login ; the registration process is very easy ; and then submit your request.

Then within some days your request will be processed and after some days you will find yourself taking a parcel in your hand which
contains the CDs you’ve requested to be posted to you.

So enjoy and get your own Ubunt and Kubuntu installation CD for free.
Ubuntu is a perfect replacer of windows which can give you better computing experience , but if you feel downloading or buying
a Ubuntu CD or DVD then try this.

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  1. dinusha says:

    ubuntu nice cd

  2. Dipanjan Mridha says:

    I Received my Ubuntu CD , & It’s Great.

  3. Soyab says:

    Sir, I Received our Ubuntu-Desktop Editor.. I very Like this CD.. This CD is Helpfull for Increase My OS Knowledge.. Thank you Sir..!!

  4. sampath says:

    i like to use ubuntu os.but i don’t have ubuntu os.