Do you want to shop online or pay some one or buy something online but you are worried because
you dont have an internationally accepted credit card? Or do you want to verify your paypal , ebay, alertpay , adword ,
bidvertiser and other accounts using a virtual credit card?
If that’s the case the here is a solution for you to get your own free virtual credit or visa card.

There is an online solution for your problem.
The solution is provided by the website which is operated by Ixaris Systems Ltd.

If you don’t have a Credit card or have a card that is not accepted worldwide then you can have
a free Virtual prepaid visa card or a prepaid plastic master card from entropay to use your Visa
card or master card online or worldwide , You can also use the virtual visa card of entropay to
verify your paypal account.

You can get your own account and a virtual visa card from Entropay ( for free.
You will not be charged any amount to open an account.
But each time you load your free virtual prepaid visa card or master card 4.95% will be charged extra to you.

You can also receive money in your virtual visa or credit card from merchants.

To fund or load your virtual visa and master card you either need a visa/credit/debit card or you can even fund your account by bank transfer if you don’t have any types or credit or debit card you can also return the money you have in your virtual card to your bank account but in that case you will be charged a fee of 6$.

If you choose to get a virtual credit card then you will be provided with the CCV code , expiry date and the number of credit card and also an image of card which looks like the picture below:

or you can also get a plastic mater card posted to you from mail.

You can use your virtual credit or visa card for following purposes:

To buy or shop online.
To verify your paypal , alertpay or ebay account.
To verify your Adword , Bidevrtiser or any other service where you can get free credits or vouchers by verifying your account.
To send and receive money online. etc.

So , hurry up and register a free account for you in entropay to get your own free virtual visa or credit card.

You can visit Entropay.COM now to register an free acount or to know more about entropay.

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