DNS (Domain Name Server) is a server which is used by your computer to convert the human readable domain names eg: justtechnika.com into the Ip address of the computer hosting the website.

DNS server stores and retrives The respective IP address for domain names , for example if you type justtechnika.com in your browser, it cannot be understood by network , so DNS server converts it to the IP address of the computer hosting justtechnika.com and connects you with the computer hosting justtechnika.com , Thus the speed of DNS server is also a key factor to determine speed of your internet.

Mostly by default your Internet Service Provider automatically assigns your computer a DNS server , but you can speed up your internet by using faster Domain Name Servers instead of the default Domain name server provided by your ISP.

So you can learn from here how to change DNS server in your computer running windows operating system. If you are running any other Operating system like Ubuntu then you search in the search box at the top of this page to find more info.

To change your DNS  follow following steps:

1> First of all go to the control Panel of your computer by clicking on

start>control panel

and then “Network and Sharing center” as shown in figure:

Change Domain Name Server2> In the new window that opens choose the internet you want to change DNS of , and click on it , as shown in picture below:

Change Domain Name Server

3> Now a new “internet Status” window will open click on “properties” as shown on figure:

Change domain name server

4> In the new windows that open select TCP/IPV4 and click on properties as shown in figure below:

Change domain name server

5>Now in the new windows that opens select on the option “use the following DNS server address” and enter the IP address of DNS server that you want to use , as shown in the picture below:

Change domain anme server

finally click “ok” on every Window that is opened during the process.

After that you are set to go.

Restart your computer and you will be using the new DNS server.

If you want to obtain Free DNS server’s IP then do a search in the search box above.

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