Do you use Internet explorer to browse Internet? If yes at the top corner you might have seen a search box which allows you to perform Google, Yahoo, Bing Etc. search directly from browser. In some cases this box is very helpful but for most of us this box is just an extra unnecessary stuff in Internet explorer one reason to not like this search box might be it makes IE look very clumsy as already latter version of IE like IE8 have a lot of options and buttons .
So do you want to disable or remove the search box from your IE? Below is a way for you:

Go to start and click on run. Then type “gpedit.msc” in the box that pops up.

A new window as shown on the picture below will open.

Now navigate to this location:

Local Computer Policy ->
User Configuration ->
Administrative Templates ->
Windows Components ->
Internet Explorer.

After you click on Internet explorer search for “Prevent Internet Explorer search box from displaying” in another part of the window and double click on it or right click on it>properties Now change the option to “enabled” .

Now when you open Internet Explorer your Internet explorer will not look clumsy as it was before because now the search box is not there.

If you want to show the box back you can just follow the same procedure and change the option from “Enabled” to “Disabled” at the last step.

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