How to Increase Your AdSense Earnings

Probably, everybody has heard about AdSense – the Google service that that puts ads on websites and allows you to get a few every time a visitor clicks the ad placed on our site – and crazy sums that you can earn using it.

But what is you are not as successful as Lockergnome network founder Chris Pirillo who makes over $10,000 monthly? Here are a few secrets that will hopefully help you to increase your earnings with AdSense.

Create Quality Content

One of the most important factors of your AdSense success is quality content. Quality content gets read or viewed, spread and commented on. Provide useful, interesting and unique content that will attract many visitors to your site.

Optimize Your Website

If you want the visitors of your website to be more interested in clicking on your ads, make your content more focused. It is also important to name your files,the article, the directory that holds the page and the images relevantly to the content of the article so that AdSense displays more relevant ads.


Use High-Paying Keywords

Whenever possible, try to use-high paying keywords. Of course, if you have a site about cooking, it would be ridiculous to use keywords related to racing cars. Don’t know what words are more profitable to use? If you are an AdWords advertiser, you can just experiment to find out that keywords are more expensive. If you are not, use the pay-per-click search engine Overture to do the same.

Use Vertical Format

There are so many horizontal banners out there that sometimes people simply ignore them. If you make your ads vertical, it will increase the chance that they will get noticed.

Make AdWords Stand Out

Make sure that your AdWords are prominent and attract attention. Place them on the right at the top of the page and leave some white (‘breathing’) space around them. The right amount of empty space around the ad serves an important attention-focusing function.

Don’t Cheat

It is important not to cheat AdSense. Though everybody knows how to do it – to click on your own ads non-stop or use special automated programs – you really don’t want to do it, because Google hasvery smart engineers who will eventually find out about that. And if they catch you, your punishment will be harsh.

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