How to increase your RAM using pen drive.

Do you want to use your pen drive as RAM? or do you want to increase your ram using your pendrive?
If yes then here is the solution for you.

Using your pendrive as RAM.

So the basic idea is to use your Pendrive as a virtual memory. After doing this setting if your computer’s internal
RAM is full then your computer will use the memory available in pendrive to store the data as RAM.
But please note that as the Input Output speed of your port connecting Pendrive might not be as fast as the RAM’s
port your computer might respond a little slow if the RAM is full and it uses your pendrive as RAM. But it’s better to
keep your computer running using pendrive as Ram rather than closing programs due to lack of RAM space.

So How to do this?

First of all connect your pendrive to your computer.

1> Right click on your “My Computer” and click on “Properties”.
2> Now click on “Advanced”and then click on “Performance”.
3> Now click on “Advanced” and click on the “Change” button below virtual memory.
4> Now select your Pendrive below and choose the option “Custom size”.
5> As your last step view the memory available in your pendrive and write it down
in the “Initial size” and “Maximum size” filed. and click on “OK”.

So now you are done.
Now your pendrive will be used as your RAM.

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  1. raviteja says:

    hello i have configured all settings

    my sys ram is 256mb and i have pendrive of 4gb

    but when i check the properties to see the ram it is showing the same? :(

    i need your help plz solve this :)

    i will be very thank full to you