How to Make iPhone Battery Last Longer

As most highly functional smartphones, the iPhone takes a lot of power. And since battery life is a frequent concern for iPhone owners, we have got a few tips for you that will help you to avoid premature battery drainage.

Disable Wi-Fi Radio

If you want to save a little battery juice, make sure to turn off the Wi-Fi radio. It is enabled every time you use a wireless network, and sucks down a lot of battery power. You can also turn off the Bluetooth radio by going to the ‘Settings’ tab since it also places an extra drain on the iPhone battery.

Turn Off the EQ

The EQ (equalizer) is one of the features that pulls energy from your iPhone and requires processing power.  So unless you watch plenty of videos, you can feel free to set the iPhone’s EQ Settings to Flat, turning the equalizer off.

iPhone battery life

Get the Battery Completely Drained

Although the iPhone’s battery lasts longer than many other smartphones, it is still useful to get the battery completely drained before recharging it.

Get Over E-mail Obsession

E-mail checks take up a lot of power. So if you do it constantly, it puts a load on your battery. You might want to stop checking your e-mails obsessively and set up a schedule of hourly checks.

Use Dimmer Light Setting

Knowing that the iPhone has a light sensor that dims the screen in the dark and brightens up in bright light, you can use this knowledge and cover up the light sensor while unlocking the iPhone to dim the screen.

Let the iPhone Sleep!

And the final tip – let your iPhone sleep. You can set it to automatically go to sleep by pressing Settings-General-Auto-Lock and choosing a specific time in which your device will go to sleep.

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