Increase the range of your remote control system to 1000s of kilometers using mobile phone:

Remote control is a great marvel of modern world. Controlling some thing remotely sounds great. But remote control systems have many limitations one of the limitation is the distance range of the remote control usually most of the remote control systems used in home have range of only 10 – 1000 meter.
Here is a trick to increase your remote control range to 1000s of kilometers by using your mobile phone.

The basic concept behind this trick is if the working frequency of your remote control device and cell phone is same or near to each other your cell phone network can act as a router for your remote control device. Or your cell phone network will work as a carrier of the radio signal that your remote control uses.

Note: This trick will work only for radio remote control; it will not work for infrared remote control.

What exactly I mean is make a call between two cell phones; you can keep your cell phones as far as you can, may be 1000s of kilometers. And then put the receiver of the remote control near one cell phone and transmitter near another cell phone. Now while the phone call is going on operate the remote control transmitter your remote control receiver will receive the signal that traveled all the way through the cell the sell phone at other end, cell phone network and the next cell phone and your receiver will receive the radio signal. This trick will work for any type of remote control like remote control systems , radio transmitter systems , video transmitter systems and all the systems using radio frequency transmitting technology.


This experiment will only work if the working frequency of your cell phone and your remote control device is same or near.

I have included a table which contains the working frequency of most of the GSM mobile technology through out the world. (The table is taken from a page of wikipedia)

Basically if the working frequency of your remote control is near to the downlink or uplink frequency of the respective GSM mobile technology your mobile operator use in the table then this trick will work for you.

You can also Google for working frequency of CDMA mobile if you mobile operator use CDMA mobile technology.

System Band Uplink (MHz) Downlink (MHz) Channel number
T-GSM-380 380 380.2–389.8 390.2–399.8 dynamic
T-GSM-410 410 410.2–419.8 420.2–429.8 dynamic
GSM-450 450 450.4–457.6 460.4–467.6 259–293
GSM-480 480 478.8–486.0 488.8–496.0 306–340
GSM-710 710 698.0–716.0 728.0–746.0 dynamic
GSM-750 750 747.0–762.0 777.0–792.0 438–511
T-GSM-810 810 806.0–821.0 851.0–866.0 dynamic
GSM-850 850 824.0–849.0 869.0–894.0 128–251
P-GSM-900 900 890.2–914.8 935.2–959.8 1–124
E-GSM-900 900 880.0–914.8 925.0–959.8 975–1023, 0-124
R-GSM-900 900 876.0–914.8 921.0–959.8 955–1023, 0-124
T-GSM-900 900 870.4–876.0 915.4–921.0 dynamic
DCS-1800 1800 1710.2–1784.8 1805.2–1879.8 512–885
PCS-1900 1900 1850.0–1910.0 1930.0–1990.0 512–810

Enjoy it!

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