Do you have two or more accounts in same website? Like you may have multiple accounts in Google, Yahoo, Msn and many other websites. If you have multiple accounts in same website then it’s very tedious task to check one account and again logout and login into another. Do you want to login to your two or more accounts in same website at simultaneously? Then here is a way for you using firefox web browser and a add on.

You can download a add on named “Multifox” for your firefox web browser from the following link this will allow you to login to two or more account of same site simultaneously.

Please download this add on only from firefox to install it.

After you download it and install.
Just restart you firefox browser and you are ready to go.

Just visit the website you want to login into and login to it with your username. If you want to login to your another account in same website at the same time just click on “File” At the top of the browser and click on “New Identity Profile” as shown on the picture below.

A new window will open you can login to your next account from this new window without logging off from your first signed in account.

A number will be shown at the top of the browser for each new identity profile window so that you don’t get lost with which window is for which account.

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