LASER lights and equipments are very common now days. LASER technology has made our life simple and efficient. A new similar technology in which we build Laser of magnet or we focus and direct the magnetic lines of force to one direction may change our life and bring advancement in physics and engineering. Continue reading to find more.

The main idea behind LASER of magnetic wave is to make a device which can focus or squeeze all the magnetic line of forces a magnet have in a certain point and direct the magnetic line of force to travel far in a certain distance so that we can focus the magnetic energy in one point and make it to travel in only one direction. As done to light in LASER devices.

Just think if you can get a magnet which don’t pull magnetic materials from all around it; it just have magnetic influence in a certain direction to which we have focused and the magnetic force of attraction can be felt from a few meters to thousands of meters away too.

This technology is not yet available but might be available in near future.

█ Here is a list of advantages that we might get if we develop this technology:

1> We can use magnetic force as we do now to light as LASER.
2> We can make use it in medical fields to cure certain diseases and surgery.
3> This new technology might give us a large base of equipments that uses Magnetic LASER or stimulate and focus magnetic force so that we can conduct scientific researches and engineering works more efficiently and with new ways.
4> This new technology might help in space exploration to find about our universe.
5> We might be able to implement this technology to make new types of computing devices which will be faster and efficient then present computers.

The list is just endless. After the discovery of LASER we got a big advancement in physics and engineering by using the LASER technology, this new technology of Magnetic Laser can also bring a big advancement in our understanding of physics and engineering.

█ So why is this technology not possible now?

The main difficulty to make a Laser of magnetic waves is that magnetic waves doesn’t travels in straight lines as light does instead magnetic force of lines travels from north pole of any magnet to south. Currently we are able to make some electromagnets in which the whole of magnetic force can be focused in one place but still we cannot direct the magnetic lines of force to one direction and make it go further into the same direction.

█ How can we make a Laser version of magnetic waves?

Well there is no answer available now, because we are not able to make any Laser magnet with our current understanding of Physics and technology. To make a Laser magnet we should do further advancement in our understanding and knowledge of physics and technology. We should work more in the field of “super magnetism” and we should also work to find some geometric order or position of magnets in which if we keep one or more magnets then the magnetic force of the magnets will be squeezed or focused in one direction and also it doesn’t simply goes to pole from pole of magnet instead it travels in a straight line and then comes back in same direction.

With advancement in science and technology we might get this new technology in near future. There are not much scientist working in this particular filed but there are some scientist working in magnetism and super conductivity using which we may develop focused and directed magnetic waves, lets hope that one day some scientist will even work in this particular filed to make focused and directed magnetic waves.

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