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You don’t know much about system administration and fixing a Web server and don’t have your own equipment, but want to get into the hosting industry? It’s not a problem as you can get a reseller web hosting account. Reseller hosting is much like office leasing when a leaseholder sublets a property to some other person or company.

With a reseller hosting account, you take on customers and resell them your accounts created under your own account. When your clients have some technical issues, you pass their support requests to your Web host, which will take care of the Web administration and technical problems for you. And while your host provider is taking care of these support tickets, you learn a thing or two about hosting yourself. All you need to do is to take care of billing and provide customer service.


Choosing Hosting Company

There are numerous hosting companies that offer reseller accounts. Some of them require a start-up fee and charge you for every client that you sign on and others charge you for space on a server, no matter how many clients you have.

Some of the reputable hosting companies out there which provide these services are, and

These hosts charge you a monthly fee, and you can always back out if you can’t make your ends meet.

Designing Web Hosting Packages

If you are a newcomer to the hosting reselling industry and are looking to sign up new customers, you should know upfront that you will have to set lower prices in the beginning to be able to meet the competition. Once you acquire a few dozen clients, carefully raise your prices.

Also, go for variety and design at least three hosting packages. Variety is what helps to attract customers.

Creating Web Site

Once you have signed up for a reseller account and designed your hosting packages, you can build your site by using such tools as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, FrontPage Express or FrontPage. You can also create website for cheap by using templates”> or

Filling Your Website with Content

Check out other hosting sites for content ideas. One of the hosting companies that we’ve recommended even allows you to copy the information from their site. Other host providers will allow you to use their Terms of Service. All you have to do is to add FAQs, tutorials and contacts.

Setting Up a System for Processing Sales

You should think how you will collect money from your clients. If you are doing business via the Internet, you should sign up for a third-party provider for credit card payments or a credit card merchant account.

The latter is too expensive, so using at third-party credit card processor is probably a better idea. Both Paypal and are good options.

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