Lets go to 1990′s
about 90% of the architectural and engineering firms in India used drafting boards for drafting and only 10% used CAD applications.

Today in 2010′s
About 90% of architectural and engineering firms in India use CAD applications ( like AutoCAD) and only 10% use BIM based applications.( like REVIT).

This indicates that a new revolution is on the way. Can REVIT really replace AUTOCAD? Many say “YES” , many say”NO”.

Lets ask these 5 questions before we come into our own conclusion.

1> What is o special about REVIT?

REVIT uses technology called BIM- Building information Modelling , Due to this technology , the software is like a semi-automatic machine. While you draw a plan of a building , it makes evaluations , sections , 3D views and schedules automatically ; saving you time , money and energy.

BIM software thinks the way you think of the design and this is what makes it different from CAD application , giving you more time to design rather than draft.

2> is it necessary to have CAD experience to use REVIT?

NO, it is not necessary to have CAD experience to learn REVIT. REVIT is specially designed as a tool of thinking intuitively about buildings and their behavior. As a result , the software is easier to understand and learn than drafting other software. But any previous knowledge of CAD or drafting will surely help in gaining confidence over REVIT.

3> Why should I spend my time , money and energy in migrating from AutoCAD to REVIT when AutoCAD can all the work that I need?

Of course , AutoCAD is a powerful drafting software which is why it has been used worldwide so intensively. But if going one step forward can double the productivity of your work with less overhead and infrastructure cost , than it surely needs a second thought.

It is true that most firms assume that if they implement a BIM solution , they’ll experience productivity losses during the transition period. Indeed , a Revit implementation web survey conducted by Autodesk cied an average productivity losses of 25 – 50 % during the initial training period on Revit. But the reality is these initial productivity losses get quickly wiped out by productivity gains.

4> Can we create good quality rendered 3D images and walk through in REVIT?

Yes , Revit is very useful visualisation software using mental ray engine rendering and walk-through which is the same as 3ds max. Although , for creating animated walk-through , REVIT 3-D model can be exported to 3ds max or similar software for further development.

5> What are Disadvantage of REVIT?

Revit is more powerful and advance than our current drafting software. But as it is a new software , it is continuously under development. There are still many tools which need to be incorporated and developed for better productivity. But with each new version launched in the market , we see new heights being achieved.


This is the age where we need to give quality , economy and speed – all together.

REVIT is the technology of tomorrow. Sooner or later the equations will change and we will have more professionals and firms working with REVIT than CAD.

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