Safeguarding Your Computer Against Break-In

If you are afraid that somebody will break into your computer, then you probably need to take a few preventive measures. We made the list of the ways to break into your computer and the measures that will keep you on the safe side.


Making Sure Your Windows Password won’t Get Cracked with Ophcrack

Even if you protected your Windows machine with a password, it is still possible to bypass your password with Ophcrack. A person who wants to get access to your computer might crack it by booting this malicious program on your computer.

To make sure that nobody will be able to figure your password out, use a complicated combination that is longer than 14 characters as your password. The longer and more sophisticated your password is, the better.

Keeping Safe Your Linux Machine from the System Rescue CD Exploit

If you have a Linux-based machine, there is a risk that it can be broken into using the System Rescue CD Exploit. By booting the disk on your computer and running a few command lines, a malicious hacker can get access to your files.

The good thing is that this method does not work for encrypted files. This means that you can prevent other people from accessing your files by encrypting your entire Home folder through FileVault.

Safeguarding Yourself against Linux Live CD Method

This break-in method resembles the previous one though it is even easier. Everything that a malicious user would have to do to access your desktop environment is to run the Linux live CD on your computer and select “Try Ubuntu”.

Luckily for us, this method has the same downside – the files cannot be viewed if they are encrypted, so you need to proceed in the same way.

However, there is a common rule which you shouldn’t overlook to keep your computer files safe – don’t let any strangers or suspicious persons come near your computer.

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