Do you want to send free fax to any number in USA or Canada online from your computer? Then here is a way for you. You can send free fax online to any number in USA or Canada no need of any fax machine or paying.

Send free fax to USA / Canada online.

There is a website named FaxZero ( which offers you free service to send fax to any number in USA or Canada. You can send up to two fax each of up to three pages long for free and you can also choose paid option if you want to send more than two fax each day. The free fax is supported by advertisement, a one page advertisement in your fax will be attached in your fax in that extra advertisement page there will be a logo FaxZero and written “Send free Fax Online” nothing else.

Coming to features of FaxZerro,
1> It is all free no charge to you at all.
2> You can send up to two fax per day each of up to three pages long. You can choose paid option ($1.99 / fax) if you want to send more fax.
3> You can send documents of file type .DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF as fax from your computer.
4> You will be emailed a conformation email to make you sure if your fax is sent or not.
5> You can send fax to anywhere in USA or Canada.

So to send your free fax:

Go to FaxZero website from here: FaxZero (
Then you will see a screen similar to one shown below fill the form and fill the form correctly win your valid email as shown in the image below:

Next, a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address. Click the URL in that message. Your fax won’t be transmitted until you do , After you click on the link your part is finished now FaxZero will do the rest work and send you a confirmation message within 5-20 minutes to your email written that your fax have been sent now.

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