Send free unlimited SMS worldwide with your Computer or with your Mobile.

Finding free SMS service is very hard. There are few free sms texting websites in Internet but most of them have quantity limit or don’t support most of the countries. Below is a way for you to send free unlimited sms worldwide either by using your computer or by your mobile.

There is a great website From where you can send unlimited sms worldwide for free. To send sms you must register , to register open from your mobile browser or Computer web browser and click on “join now” and fill the form if you are opening the site from computer you can directly fill the form. After you do that a sms will be sent to your mobile number with a link by opening which you can complete the sign up process.
And you can send sms by opening and logging in using the user name and password you used while signing up.

Talking about special features of Mjoy , there is no character limit , if the sms becomes very long it will be sent in parts.A one line advertisement will be placed at the last of the each sms you send , And if your sms is long and sent in many parts only one advertisement will be placed in the last sms. Also the receiver will see your mobile number as the sender.
Every sms you send from Mjoy is stored in your Mjoy account and you can see them latter also. Also you get a free online phone book in your account where you can save your important contacts.

This concludes Mjoy is great and free. But the downside of Mjoy is that you can only open your account from a GPRS enabled mobile phone and they have credit system ( I mean you will earn credits when you use your account , chat , widget and other feature and the credit is deducted from your account when you send sms). But don’t worry I have given solution to this two problems also below.

For the credit problem you can get maximum credits by clicking on advertisements in your mjoy account. So when ever your credit runs low just browse after logging in and click on advertisements shown there. Or you can click on ads shown to you each time you send a sms.

And there are two tricks to use your Mjoy account from Computer also. They are listed below:

1>Click Here and download sjboy emulator and after you download
“Sjboy emulator” Download Opera Mini or Ucweb Browser and use Mjoy from your computer.


2> You can download firefox web browser and a addon of firefox called user agent switcher (click on link of both to download please download the useragent switcher only from firefox to intall it) and after you installed the add-on to firefox restart your computer and open firefox and click on tools > default user agent > Iphone 3.0 as shown on picture below. And after you do this open from firefox and you will be able to login to your Mjoy account.



Send free unlimited sms worldwide to your friends, family and enjoy!

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  1. xxx says:

    btw i knew the trick already but it is not free forever. you just get some credits for doing surveys and when your credit is up ur gone. but i am forced to compliment that u have a great blog. as i know that you have not spent a penny on this on cash.

  2. Boogey Man says:

    *xxx has changed his name to Boogey Man*

  3. subash says:

    Yeah boogey man,
    You need to get more credits to send more sms.

    And i also have written solution to this in the text above. Just read carefully.

  4. i am opening that site from my computer but its and i m puting my country then i put my phone number but it is not working…i am not getting any link on my cell phone.,…what shell i do?

  5. subash says:

    @nehul agrawal
    I guess you are from India!
    And mjoy works in india unless you are using a network working in CDMA technology.

    Another possibility is that you might have inputted your phone number incorrectly you should input your phone number in international format for example:

    +[country code][number] and don’t include an extra 0 in front your number.

    After doing this you will receive a sms with a link. And after you click the link you will be asked to set a username/pasword and you are done! then you can send free sms using your username/password.

    If this dosen’t works you can contact mjoy or tell me and i will contact them.

  6. Santosh says:

    Subash i used mjoy before 6 months frm my cell and stopped using it now it says server timed out and also can’t register again from same what should i do then?

  7. subash says:


    Well, May be some problem with your internet connection.
    Try logging in again after some days.

  8. SUMMER says:

    MY MOBILE# 00639192616111—SMSONLY