Send your name to mars for free! become a part of history.

The space have always been a subject of fascination and wonders for human beings. mainly the moon.
And as man has already conquered moon. Now human being’s next interest is Mars.

NASA is planning to send a Mars Science Laboratory rover to Mars in 2011. You can send your name in rover!



In 2011 a Mars science laboratory rover of NASA will be heading towards mars ,
which will do many researches and experiments in Mars.

And in the rover there will be a microchip in which name of different peoples from earth will be stored and taken to mars
as a historical event for human beings.
If you also participate in the program you can also have your name written in the microchip and sent to the mars.

So how to participate?

To participate in the program you just need to visit the following official site of NASA and fill the form there.
Then you name will be processed for inclusion in the microchip.

You will also receive a official certificate of participation from NASA. Immediately after you register at the site.
So hurry up ,visit the site , get a certificate of participation , send your name to mars and be a part of history.

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    Already participated.BWN thanks for sharing.

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  4. i want send name to mars—mr montra philippines