• Webhostinghub.Com Review Webhostinghub reviews

    Webhostinghub.Com Review Webhostinghub reviews

    Web Hosting Hub has such a good reputation that it is almost hard to believe. The company was founded somewhere around in 2002, and was owned or parked by buydomains.com. And two years ago, the web hosting went active (apparently, [...]

  • iPage.Com Review iPage hosting reviews

    iPage.Com Review iPage hosting reviews

    iPage was  founded more than a decade ago – more exactly, sixteen years ago. However, the company went inactive in the mid-2000s and was restructured only in 2009, with no breaks since then. Their website’s popularity is ranked 43rd among [...]

  • A2hosting.com Review A2hosting

    A2hosting.com Review A2hosting

    Michigan is known for its farm specialties, white pine and birch trees, automobile plants and the huge factories producing steel, part and bodies, tires, finishes, etc. Well, there is something else Michigan is now known for – A2 Hosting. Based [...]

  • Myhosting.Com Review Myhosting reviews

    Myhosting.Com Review Myhosting reviews

    Meet another Canadian web hosting provider – Myhosting. It was founded in January 1997 and has acquired a base of 50,000 web hosting customers in over 170 countries since then. Toronto-based Myhosting.com is a registered brand of SoftCom. Apart from [...]

  • Site5.Com Review Site5 hosting

    Site5.Com Review Site5 hosting

    Based in San Ramon, California, Site5 was founded in 1999 by Rod Armstrong and Matt Lightner, who believed that web hosting should be fun, easy and not painful to use. Somewhere around 2007, the company was passed to new management, [...]

  • Hostgator.Com Review Hostgator

    Hostgator.Com Review Hostgator

    If you have been on the web for any time at all, there is high chance that have at least heard of HostGator.  You even might have used them to host your own site. HostGator is big – the company [...]

  • Inmotionhosting.Com Review Inmotionhosting reviews

    Inmotionhosting.Com Review Inmotionhosting reviews

    Inmotionhosting was founded in 2001, a little later than most web hosting providers which are in the top today, but has managed to get its fair share of customers. This web hosting provider is based in the US, with two [...]

  • Bluehost.Com Review Bluehost hosting

    Bluehost.Com Review Bluehost hosting

    If you have never been with BlueHost, you have probably heard of it by now. Bluehost.Com is ranked eighth among over a dozen hosting companies and is one of the most recognizable names in the field of web hosting. The [...]

  • Host-Ed.Net Review Host-Ed hosting

    Host-Ed.Net Review Host-Ed hosting

    The phrase ‘Made in Germany’ usually stands for quality, durability and reliability. Host-ed.net is the web hosting provider which represents Germany on the international stage. The web hosting company was founded in 2006 and hosts about 100,000 personal and business [...]

  • Hostmonster.Com Review  Hostmonster hosting

    Hostmonster.Com Review Hostmonster hosting

    HostMonster is no newbie on the webhosting market. The company was founded in 1996, and if it hasn’t gone bankrupt by now, it means that they know how to do their thing. The webhosting provider is based in Provo, Utah, [...]

  • Gogax.Com Review Gogax hosting

    Gogax.Com Review Gogax hosting

    Canada has recently become the Mecca of web hosting. Gogax is another Canadian provider based in Montreal. The company was founded in February and promises to provide services to over 45 countries worldwide. Gogax.Com Features Gogax.Com specializes in providing dedicated [...]

  • EZZI.net Review EZZI hosting

    EZZI.net Review EZZI hosting

    There are many local web hosting providers, but only a few make it to the international scene. EZZI.net is one of the web hosting companies which has managed to accomplish this feat. Created in 1993, EZZI.net started out as a [...]