Tech Tips to Increase Office Productivity

White collars are always being pressed for time or rushed, so it is crucial to find a key to effective time management. And as a large part of any company’s operations are performed using computers, these seven technical tips will hopefully help you to speed your speed up your office work.

Use Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts might seem like too much trouble at first. But once you do it, you will soon notice that you have saved a great deal of time. The secret is not to use too many keyboard shortcuts. Start with introducing basic keystrokes into your daily routine, such as CTRL-S, CTRL-C and CTRL-V.

Get Rid of Spyware

Spyware can slow down your computer’s overall performance—and even worse. Once you install an antivirus and clean your system, you will be surprised to find out that the Internet can be productive rather than slow and disappointing.

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Consider Using More than One Display

Did you know that Bill Gates used three monitors? He browsed the Internet on the first one, read his e-mail correspondence on the second one and wrote letters on the third one. You may also consider using a few displays to facilitate your work.

Create Sample Templates for Replies to Email

If you receive many similar letters, creating e-mail templates might be a time-saving solution for you. If you use Microsoft Outlook, your e-mail productivity can be increased with the tool Just choose one of the templates from the dropdown menu and customize it for every particular correspondent.

Sort Your Inbox Messages

It is time to get rid of chaos by sorting your inbox messages. Such software as ClearContext can help you with that. This program will color-code your messages according to the importance of the sender and the subject matter. For instance, spam can be marked with gray while messages from your manager will be marked with red.

Use Calendar

You may keep all your routine tasks in mind, but using a calendar won’t hurt. Windows Calendar will help you to accomplish tasks faster, reminding you of your meetings and appointments. And if you are not a fan of Windows Calendar, you can opt for Google Calendar to keep on top of your day.

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