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I travel often for business trips, meetings, and occasional vacations, so carrying around every book that I want to read with me is kind of a problem.

That’s why when I purchased an iPad (together with a nice red soft case), I decided that it would come handy on my trips. But imagine my shock when the first e-book which I downloaded on my brand-new iPad cost me $25.99! Why the heck are e-books more expensive than the printed ones?

I decided that it won’t do and started looking for some way to get e-books for less money elsewhere.

Luckily, I did find a much cheaper way and would like to share it with fellow tablet and e-reader owners who don’t want to pay extra for e-books.

Getting Your Own Unlimited E-Book Library

The deal that I found is quite awesome. You pay just $49.95 just once and get unlimited access to iPad e-books without having to pay ever again. That’s an unlimited amount of downloads for a lifetime.

This means that you can virtually compose a digital book library as large as the New York library – all for a low, one-time membership fee of $49.95. Well, maybe, not as large as the New York library, but you get the picture.

Plus, if you decide that you’d better carry around paper books with you, you can get your money back within 60 days. It hardly can get fairer than that.

Free E-books For Your iPad or Kindle from Amazon

Although I get most of my books using this deal, I check Amazon once in a while. They have limited time e-book promotions when you can get them for free. So I grab them before they start charging for them and enjoy reading free e-books on the plane or in the airport.

Somehow, I enjoy reading e-books more when I know that I didn’t overpay for them.

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