For most of us running a blog or any type of website, better search engine placement is one of the main things to determine popularity of our site. Without better search engine placement we lost a large portion of our website visitors. Personally I get about 80% of total visitors to my site from Google alone. There are many factors that determine our position in search result pages one of them is using www with domain or using only domain ( or and redirecting unused one to the used one.
Most of search engines including Google regard www attached before our site as a different website than our site with non www. So search engines ranks our site with www and with non www differently which result in search engines thinking that the two sites are using duplicate contents. Also among the back links we get to our site some links are to and some are to which makes search engine think that we getting less back links then we are getting actually. So our rank in search engines gets divided between sites with www and non www.

So its always a good practice to one among www or non www in our site and redirect unused one to used. Most of big sites use this. For example if we type in our browser it automatically gets redirected to
There are many ways to use only www or non www site and redirect unused to used one.
I have mentioned the way to do so with C-panel here.

1>first of all login to your C-panel and search for the icon with “redirects” as shown below and click on it.

2> in the page that opens choose the domain you want to redirect then choose “only redirect with www” if you want to use and choose “do not redirect www” if you want to use and type the website that you want to use in “redirect to” field and click “add”.

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