Finding your system info or the information about and quality of each and every component of your computer system will be important for you if you want to troubleshot computer hardware and software problems or just want to know about your computer system. Here is a way for you to find system information of your computer.

To find your system information in your windows operating system click on
Open the menu in the following pattern:

All Programs >
Accessories >
System Tools >
System Information

A new window similar to the one given below will open and your computer system information will be shown in the screen if your computer have a lot of resources it make take some time (5 seconds to 1 minute) after you open the window before you can see your system information.

Or you can also simply follow following step to open your system information by shortcut method.

Click on “Start” and click on “Run”

Now type “msinfo32.exe” in the box that opens and hit enter your system information will be shown on the window similar to given below”

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