How our mind works exactly is one of the biggest mysteries in modern scientific community. Even though we humans have made so many artificial minds or Computers using our fullest effort not even the most perfect among them is not even near to the complexity and power of mind of a cockroach. This proves how much complexly our mind works.
Here is a simple visual illusion experiment to know how our mind works.

Basically our mind works by learning to work! I mean mind works by comparing things and situations that it has already seen. When ever our mind comes across new situations and things it collects information about it through receptors like eyes ears, nose etc and stores the data in the complex database of data that it perceived in different situation. And whenever it come across some other situation it relates the situation with the situation it had already gone through by relating the new data it gets with the data in its database, and in this way it manipulates new situations and things or it works.

Here is a simple experiment to show that.

A picture is shown below. It have four squares , in lower two there are two pictures which are the exact copy of each other with same color and shape with just one being flipped version of another. And in upper two squares there are two different colors.

So now, what you need to do is, stare at the dot between the upper two squares for about 30 seconds and then instantly looks at the dot between those two lower squares.
Now see the color of the lower two squares now you see their color is different even though in real both have same cooler.

I leave the task to find out the reason, why is it that even though the color of both lower square is same we see different colors?

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