Better Alternatives to Windows Software

Windows software is used by most people but it does not mean that there are no better alternatives out there. This is why we have made the list of Windows programs that could easily be replaced by superior alternatives and significantly improve your user experience.

Internet Explorer

Though most people keep using Internet Explorer, it is not a perfect solution for browsing Web pages. And though the latest IE version is not so bad, it is inferior to other browsers anyway. Fortunately, Internet Explorer is not the only browser out there. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera outperform Internet Explorer in terms of speed, efficiency and convenience so you chould probably check them out if you haven’t yet.

Windows Media Player

Though Windows Media Player is a default multimedia player on Windows machines, it does not support all formats, often crashes and has a bad interface design. There are much better media players out there such as VLC, Media Player Classic or KMPlayer as they support many formats, are free and easy to use.

bad windows software

Windows Picture Viewer

Sadly, Windows Picture Viewer leaves a lot to be desired as it is too simple and not suitable for all formats. For instance, IrfanView performs everything that Windows Picture Viewer does and even more – it supports every imaginable format, has plenty of extra features, weighs little and is absolutely free.


Time passes by but it seems that Paint is still stuck in 1995. If you have seen any image editing programs besides MS Paint, you probably have realized that it is extremely outdated and primitive. Instead of remaining stuck in the past with MS Paint, you can use free, lightweight and full-featured Paint.NET  for basic needs or GIMP for more sophisticated ones.


If you know a thing or two about text editing, you are probably aware that Windows’ Notepad is not the most advanced text editing program out there. And though you often do not need much functionality when you use Notepad, Notepad++ and Notepad2 are more sophisticated Notepad replacements with more features.

It is not the full list as it should probably include every Windows program but these are the most annoying ones. Anyway, you probably got the idea that before using Windows software. You should probably check out if there are some better alternatives.

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