Free SMS gateway / API.

Do you want to know what is SMS gateway and SMS API , and What is Free SMS gateway and free SMS API.

And do you also want to know how to integrate a free software in your website to allow your visitors to send free sms?

And do you also want a list of websites that provides Free SMS API and Free SMS gateway?

You can learn all that here.

First of all lets get a brief introduction of SMS gateway or API.

So what is a SMS gateway and SMS API?

A SMS gateway is normally a Server over the Internet which have access to SMS services (to receive and send SMS) , and using the sms gateway you can request it to send some SMS or save or send received sms to some email.

and an application programming interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program that enables it to interact with other software. It facilitates interaction between different software programs similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers.

So SMS API is actually a software using which you can communicate with the system in SMS gateway and use it to send and receive sms.

So now as you have known what actually SMS gateway and SMS API is let’s learn more about Free SMS API or Free SMS gateway.

So you might have already guessed Free SMS gateway is a SMS gateway or server which allows peoples to have access to it using API and also allows to send or receive sms for free using some type of interface.

Basically the SMS API’s can be classified in following types according to the way it works:


To use any of this API you should have at least basic knowledge of web designing , web technology and Some programming and markup languages like PHP , C++ , ASP , HTML , XML…..

So now as you know what a Free SMS API or Gateway is let me share with you a list of Websites that provides you Free sms Gateway and API or allows you to send and receive sms for free.

So here goes the list of Free SMS API and Gateway providers:

You can get more information like how to create an API for their service and how to use their service and some tutorials to make your own Free sms API using their gateway is provided in respective websites.

List of free sms api or gateway:


About:  Our API makes it easy for developers to send and receive ad-supported SMS messages from any website.

With just a few lines of code, your users will be able to interact with your website with their mobile device via SMS, no matter where they are.


About:   FREESMSAPI offers APIs and tools permitting External Applications to send SMS to their end users. The overall mission of is to offer application developers and business owners a very efficient and cost effective service that may normally be capital intensive to set up on their own.


About:        Tropo is a powerful yet simple API that adds Voice, SMS, Twitter, and IM support to the programming languages you already know.

If you can create a web site, you can make and receive phone calls, use voice recognition, interact over SMS, IM, or Twitter. You can even create conference calls and transcribe calls with tropo.


About:   The magic of labels keeps your online conversations fresh, organized and up-to-date. Send free sms using Free wadja sms API.


About:     3jam API is an easy and free way to build applications that integrate text messaging.

Integrate free 3jam API in your webste and enable your website to interact with your visitors through SMS.


About:      The GupShup Apps platform lets developers make small SMS applications which help users communicate to your systems with SMS. Make simple interactive applications which are easy to use, solve a business need, or are just more…

fun to play.


About:      Use this API to create your very own SMS application. This could be a new web application or a component which could be integrated into your existing IT systems. Using the SMS API you can: send SMS in push mode, create an interactive SMS service. Using these services your application receives an SMS to which when responded to, after having carried out the set task, there is the possibility of earning cash or additional free credits, Use this API to bill your clients. Special short codes could be used for tax purposes.


About:      CellTrust mobile solutions and technologies can be used in a wide range of applications, from enterprise applications, content management systems or to add mobile as a channel to an existing website regardless of the technology you are currently using. Our SMTP API makes it possible to integrate an application by using email. Simply send an email to us and we convert it to SMS.


About:       Club Texting allows your business to build text message marketing campaigns with our affordable, easy to use SMS

text messaging software. Free trail is available.


About:       The YouTXT API lets you create and manage distinct codes and messages on the YouTXT system (New Zealand based). Imagine a gig guide, an order tracking system or updates via SMS. The user just sends a code to 8808 for information.


About:       Just seconds after registering you will be able to start sending free sms messages and enjoying the amazing benefits SMSFun has to offer. Every account includes a bonus 30 free sms each day!


About:    Free 14 Day Trial Unlimited SMS. Send mass text messages to groups with a single click.



Use of this Free SMS APIs and Gateways:

You can sue this free SMS Gateways and APIs to integrate it to your website and allow your users to send free SMS from your website , You can also use this to integrate this to your application or software and send message to your users or allow them to send SMS. Or you can also use this in your commercial system like to send invoice of order to your costumers through SMS. or Send low balance in their account warning to your website or e-shopping users.

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  1. subash says:

    Dear Readers ,

    If you know any more Free SMS API or Gateway providers then please reply here and i will add that to the list above.

    Or if you find any of the provider have now stopped providing free SMS API and Free SMS Gateway then also please reply here.

  2. Anand Goel says:

    Hey, for SMS to India, its really very amazing site…

    just check it off..!!

  3. subash says:

    @Anand Goel

    Thanks for sharing your site.
    But looks like it is not a free API or Gateway provider.
    Any way the site is good for sending free sms online to India.

  4. JaronLoch says:

    Very nice article, I’m planning on doing a free sms website. I’m looking for a free gateway that I will use as a third party that will send the visitors message to the phone of the recipient.

    VISITOR —> MY SMS SITE —> Free 3rd party gateway —> RECIPIENT

    It this possible? I want to use my site to drive traffic in it. I want the gateway to be free. is there anyway to do it? thanks!

  5. JaronLoch says:

    Just to follow up on my previous comment, it should be international, but if you can help me find a free gateway here in the philippines, that would be appriciated! thanks!!

  6. subash says:

    Thanks for your comment.
    And if you are trying to make a professional website then i don’t suggest you to use free api’s.
    I suggest you to use orange free sms gateway, which is listed in 7′th number above. But orange only provides few credits for test and after that you should pay certain amount.
    But remember no free api can give you unlimited sms each day , they will have limit.
    Or you can also use wadja api , listed in 4′th in the article.

    And if you just plan to provide your service to peoples in US or India then you can try and zeepmobile listed in first and second.

    And I haven’t found any api from Philippines but i will search for one and update this article soon.

  7. tintincute says:

    Hi thanks for this great article.
    I also would like to use a free sms website to integrate to my website so that my friends can just go to my website and send me sms for free.
    Is there any api for Switzerland?

  8. subash says:

    @ tintincute

    I think the best one for what you are looking is Wadja.

    And I was searching for free sms api for Switzerland but didn’t found any ,
    any way I found this site:
    I just found that and Don’t know if they offer sms api or not, According to their site They give free 30 credits to test their service and some weekly free sms. But I am not sure if we can use SMS api with their service or not. After I get an account with them and test their service I will write about them here.

  9. Prabhakar says:

    I am developing an android application, that will let the application users to send free SMS via web.
    I want a free Java API that will enable me to accomplish the task of sending the SMS.

    Please reply me at my email ID.