Do you want to hide the date your post is published in your wordpress blog? Here is the solution for it.
Not showing the date a post is published will increase your search engine visitors and help you if you want to use WordPress as a content management system instead of a blogging system.

So why would you not like to show the date on which your post is published?

In many wordpress themes they have inbuilt scripts which shows your content as description of your page to search engines. So search engines will index your post and description for it is the content itself. So search engines show the date your post is published in its search result page. And if your post is very old who will like to read very old articles? Searchers mostly ignore old dated articles and read new ones. So you loose your visitors there!
One more use of not showing the date a post is published in blog is to use wordpress as a content management system. Developing a website with wordpress is very easy , So you can use worpdress to develop your site and just hide the date a post is published to make it look more like a website rather than a blog.

So how to do it?

There are some wordpress themes in which the published date of post is not shown. But these types of themes are very rare and you might not get good look for your site with those themes. So here is how to hide the published date of a post using your current theme.


First of all login to your wordpress control panel and click on “Appearance” and then on “Editor”.

Now search for index.php file and click on it.

You can see a script like that of shown below or similar script, just delete that script and click on “Update File”

The script :

<?php the_time(__('F jS, Y', 'your theme name')) ?>

Similarly delete the above given scripts in following files also:
archive.php ( Category page )
page.php ( pages like contace , about me )
single.php (post or main articles )
search.php (search result page )

Or you can just delete the script in some files so that you will still show the date in required pages.

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