How to Protect Your Privacy While Traveling

Summer is the perfect time for vacation, fun and sun. And while you tend to relax while enjoying delightful sunshine and sightseeing, you shouldn’t forget about your digital privacy.

Of course, you may leave your tablet, laptop and smartphone at home if you need a little rest from everything, but if you are as dependent on your phone or computer as most people are, you will hardly do that.

And since these devices contain valuable personal information, you may want to protect them and ensure that you have a safe trip.

Do Not Use Unsecured Wireless Networks and Transfer Protocols

Try not to access a wireless network unless it is password protected to prevent unauthorized persons from connecting to it. It is a plus if there is encryption on the wireless router. Also, while checking your bank account information using a Wi-Fi connection, make sure that the URL of the website starts with “https”, indicating that additional encryption is used to protect information.

Consider Installing Theft Recovery Applications on Your Gadgets

Netbooks, tablets, smartphones or any other Internet-connected devices are often stolen for resale because they are quite expensive. However, you can protect yourself from this unpleasant experience by installing an anti-theft app on your phone or laptop. There are plenty of them, including GPS applications allowing you to track and recover your device, snapping a photo of the thief with a laptop’s digital webcam or even sounding the alarm when your device is moved.

Don’t Announce Your Trip via Social Media

Announcing your upcoming trip via social media can be potentially dangerous as some of your ‘friends’ can tip off the thieves that will not hesitate to rob your home in your absence.

Be Sure to Log off from Public Computers

It may sound like an obvious tip but it is often neglected. Make sure to log off from any account into which you have logged when your session on a public computer is finished.

Password Protect Documents on Your Devices

Assign a passcode to your device or documents on your devices containing sensitive information. In case it gets stolen, you will sleep calmly knowing that your information is safe.

Keep Your Valuables in Your Hotel’s Safe-Deposit Box

Don’t ignore the obvious and leave your devices lying around in plain view. If there is no safe at your hotel, carry your valuables on you.

After following all these tips, you can finally relax and enjoy your vacation, knowing that you are on the safe side!

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