[how to] Recover ubuntu password

Did you recently lost your ubuntu password or you messed with the system and lost your password?
If yes then here is an simple solution for you to recover your lost ubuntu password.

recover ubuntu password

Many times you lose your password and when it’s ubuntu then it’s very easy for newbie to mess with the system and automatically edit the password and lose it!

Like after you update your ubuntu and also update the Linux kernel and then after restarting you try to open ubuntu with the old version Kernel linux and do it the wrong way your password will be reset and you cannot login to your account!

But don’t worry here is a very simple way for you to recover you lost ubuntu password.
And not only the password, using this trick you can even recover your login username also.

Recover ubuntu username and password.


So to recover your username and password follow following steps:

a> First of all restart your system.

b> If you have the option that tells “Recovery Mode” then open it, or if you don’t get any list to choose from immediately after you restart press “esc” and choose the option that says “recovery mode”

c> So now a command prompt will load.If you have your user-name then move on to next step or if you have lost your ubuntu user name also then  type following command and the system will show your lost username:

ls /home

d>And now to recover or reset your lost password type the following command and press enter:

passwd username

where the “username” is the name you know or recovered, you will be asked for your new password input it.

And now you will be able to login in to your ubuntu system with your new reset password.

This method can be used to Recover ubuntu password and user name and also to hack into other’s system.

After reading this post you might have realised that actually your ubuntu system is not secure if some one can access it physically,

Any one can reset or hack your passwords so it’s always a good idea to use a password in Bios or hard disk also so that peoples should also go through other authentication , prior to be able to recover or reset ubuntu password

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