Most of People surf sites daily,and don’t care which should be visited,

when they felt their computer slow, they start worrying about it.

Five tips You must adapt

1: Use Antivirus and update daily (NOrton is recommended)
2: Clean registry and cookies.
3: Uninstall idle softwares.
4: Clean your pc dust.
5: Open trusted sites.

If you feel it does not help improve speed, you may need more ram.
Try to download and save in other partition like E,D. Because C

Partition runs system.if you download in c partition it will impact on

pc speed.

5 matter you must avoid

1: Don’t open emails in junk or spam until you know it.
2: Don’t open every site you don’t know.
3: Don’t share your privacy with others
4: Don’t download software without scanning.
5: Don’t play every cd without scanning.

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