I am dreaming because Infolinks told me to dream on!

I get really happy when some one wants to make me happy.
And infolinks is in a campaign to make it’s publishers happy!
Infolinks(infolinks.com) is one of the best intext advertising company and i am also a publisher of infolinks!
So I also will get a chance to make my dream come true if i win the contest (Infolinks dream on contest.)
OOOH! Wah! So i also want to get in the contest by participating and I should be answering the following two questions to participate in the contest:
So I am here with my answers:

1.What about Infolinks makes me happy?

Almost everything about infolinks makes me happy.
Infolinks made my earning double with a bubble!I earn more than I do from adsense from infolinks and that too without giving an extra space for ads. in my site. The intext ads perfectly blends in my text.
I get happy when everyday i login to my infolinks account and see more peoples clicked on my and my earning as getting more and more!
The next thing about infolinks that makes me happy is very friendly and fast support from infolinks. I get nice reply to my emails very fast , And I also got comment in my email from infolinks team as soon as i posted a blog post about infolinks in my blog which made me feel that infolinks cares it’s publishers.
And one another think about infolinks that makes me happy is that infolinks regularly run interesting contents that makes me dream about winning the contest and participate.
Although i haven’t won till now it’s interesting and creative to participate in the contest.
The list is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long!
So let me stop here.

2. What can Infolinks do to make me happy, really happy?


So the list off things that infolinks can do to make me happy is also veeeeeeeeeery long!
I would be happy if infolinks launch a new forum site to talk and chat about infolinks.
I am a young student from Nepal. So i would also be happy if infolinks makes a machine or a memory helmet which if i wear i will be able to memorize the whole books of mine in just a second. :)
I would also be happy if infolinks gives me a PHD degree without having me to study all those killer equations and books.
I would also be happy if infolinks makes me a great scientist!
I would also be happy if infolinks makes me a multi millionaire having a big house and nice car!
I would also be happy if infolinks takes me away from all these competition and race of life and allow me to do my researches and think in haven!
I would also be happy if infolinks makes me the winner of the contest!
OOH! and the list is veeeeery long as i told you!
But don’t think infolinks cannot make my all those stupid and big dreams come true!
Infolinks can!but how?
Just think more and you will get answer!
I am a high school student now studying in two college ( Physics and Computer Science)and infolinks can make my all those dreams come true by making me able to work and stand on my own foot by getting knowledge. I dream infolinks will donate me some funds(around 2k) and I will be able to afford afford my college fees and also get some money to do my robotics and computer experiments. and I also dream I can signup in the forum of infolinks where I can talk with other publishers and infolinks staffs.

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  1. Deepak says:

    Wish you a very happy dreaming..
    Dream a lot.. wish all should come true..