You might have seen many URL shortners online. You can use them in a variety of place like twitter, blogs , websites Etc. But making your own URL shortner for your website , blog and applications is a good idea as URL shorting website is not much profitable business and such websites may shutdown anytime leaving you help less to change all your website links and this and that.
Here is a way for you to make your own URL shortner and also track visitors to short URLs. You can also use this with your wordpress blog.

You can use a PHP script named “Yourls” (download link is given at bottom of this post) you can download this script, install in any domain or sub domain and use it as a private URL shortner and URL tracker for your website.

Coming to features after you install this script you can make the URL shortner public so that every one can use it or private so that only you can use it for your sites, you can get a random keyword or custom key word in short URL, You can also use this URL shortner as a link tracker as this script provides you a detailed statistics of your short URL use in graphical view. And best of all, if you are a wordpress user you can just download a wordpress plugin and use this great service along with your wordpress blog as URL shortner and link tracker.

You can download this great PHP script and wordpress plugin to shorten URLs and track short URL visitors from the official website of “Yourls” given below:

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