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Canada is the home of many web hosting providers, one of them being NETRACKservers. NETRACKservers is based in Toronto, Canada, but has managed to establish a substantial presence in the US market (as well as worldwide).

NETRACKservers Features

Unlike most webhosting providers, NETRACKservers doesn’t offer shared hosting and specializes in providing dedicated hosting, virtual private servers and Cloud hosting. The dedicated Value Series package is available for $79 a month (with the Intel Dual-Core 2.0GHz processor, 500GB in storage and: 4096 MB in memory). The cheapest Cloud solution is available for $49 a month (with unlimited bandwidth, 30 GB in storage and 1024 MB in memory, and an uplink of 100Mbps).
The basic VPS plan (with unlimited bandwidth) costs as low as $25 per month, though it includes only 10 GB in storage.

The Plesk control panel is not very confortable to use, though (cPanel  would be a better option).


Customer Service

Chances are, you won’t have to write any support tickets because you won’t have any issues. But if you will have to do it, NETRACKservers’ customer service is available 24/7/365 and their team is very efficient and friendly. They have extremely helpful and polite support staff and make it feel more like a family company.


NETRACKservers has been monitored since 2007, and, according to the data gathered, the Canadian provider has managed to maintain an uptime of 99.84%.


It is not a very popular web host, but it can be an advantage since the  company offers family-like support system and cares about every customer.



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NETRACKservers.Com Review

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