rename a folder with strange name or without any name.

Every folder in your computer have a name.
No folder can be created without a name. Give it a try! Its not possible to do so! But here is a trick to make folders without a name or make folders with some strange characters in their name.

Well here is the trick:

First of all make a new directory.

Now right click on it and choose rename.

Now delete its previous name and type alt+255 (press alt and write 255)

And press enter.

Now see your folder is without any name!

You can also type any other numbers except 255 while renaming if you do so your folder will get renamed with some strange characters.

Have fun.

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  1. dlysen says:

    THanks for the info, it is also nice to make an asci character on the file name.

    • subash says:

      Ya! I have included only the way to do that. And you included a little bit of technical side of that also. Thanks for that.
      Actually all the stuff we renamed there is we renamed them with the ASCII code of relative characters.

  2. Sandesh says:

    yea bt see there it contains some space ” ” character so that is not null or empty name.. anyway nice post.