Mostly Clap switch are very complex most clap switch use at least one IC or at least 7-8 transistors. So making clap switch for an inexperienced electronics hobbyist is almost impossible. But I am here to help you with the solution. The circuit given here contains just 3 transistors.

This circuit I made it is just of my thumb size.

Most probably this is the simplest (using less components) clap switch in world.

This circuit needs a power supply of 6 volt. And can power a load of 6 v. But it itself uses only some mili watt of power.

The clap switch works in this way:

The output is off when there is no loud sound.

If you give a sudden loud sound like clap then the output is on for some time you can fix the time by changing the value (in farad) of the only electrolytic capacitor used in the circuit. If you use the default capacitor given in circuit the time will be about 10 seconds.

If there is a continuous loud sound the output will be on till the loud sound is given.


The circuit diagram is here click on the image to enlarge it.

Please use the comment box below to send any question or suggestion about the circuit.

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